I'm Cara, a medical massage therapist certified by Machon Wingate. My experience, techniques, and knowledge of the human body enable me to provide the massage therapy that is right for you, that can help keep you going through the challenges of daily life.

Why choose to work with me?

  • I welcome you as you are, no matter what your age, weight, gender, or physical condition.

  • I listen to you, to your words and the feedback from your body.

  • I love what I do. My goal is to provide for your needs - relaxation or pain relief.

  • I follow research science. I am fascinated by research in medical research, particularly in pain science and neurology.

Relax :-) You're in good hands.

Massage Therapist? after 20 years in Hi-Tech?

I am an active woman, passionate about dance and movement. In 2012, I was dancing twice a week, and running 2 to 3 times a week—moshav Neve Ilan is surrounded by beautiful hills, bursting with great trails.


My runs were generally 5 to 7k. I was turning 50 that year, and I realized that my times were good--in fact, good enough to be competitive times for my age group. And so, I decided to participate in some races that year.

I did something stupid.

I drastically upped my running time, distance, and speed. My feet began to bother me, but I ignored them. They cramped up every time I took off my shoes. One week, in addition to my regular exercise, I danced in an all-night marathon. My feet were sore, but that did not stop me from attempting, on my next run, to set a personal best running Har Eitan, a 7k hilly trail next to the Sataf springs.

The next day, I could barely walk. Every step was agony.

I made an appointment to see an orthopedist. I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and sent to physiotherapy. I was optimistic. Physiotherapy had worked wonders for me previously, once for a torn meniscus (I never had the recommended surgery, which was the right choice for me), and another time for a strained rotator cuff.

This time, it was useless. So were the insanely expensive orthotics I tried. I limped, cursing, through the next year. I gave up running and hiking entirely—I continued dancing, because I am an addict, and kind of nuts in the way that all sports addicts are.

But it hurt. I was afraid that the pain—which I refused to give in to—was a sign of increasing injury. I decided to give physiotherapy another try. I found a therapist who treated dancers at the Rubin Academy. The therapy helped, to a certain extent. After several sessions, the physiotherapist said I had made sufficient progress to continue with the exercises on my own.

He recommended that I try medical massage (yes, we've finally gotten to the massage part!) The massage therapy was tremendously helpful. The therapist identified that much of my pain was not connected to the plantar fascia, but to the tibialis posterior muscle that supports the arch of the foot--which is commonly misdiagnosed as plantar fasciitis. He treated this using a variety of techniques, and assigned me exercises to do at home.

One day, I walked into my session...and realized that my feet no longer hurt. The therapist asked me if I had any other issues—well, yes. I did. I was so accustomed, so used to living in pain, that it had never occurred to me to even mention it during my original intake interview.

During my IDF service, I had fallen and hurt my back. I had suffered chronic neck and back pain ever since. The therapist said—well, let's see what can be done about that.

This changed my life.

The therapy and exercises brought me tremendous relief. I realized that I did not need to live in pain.

I became intensely curious about the human body, injury, especially 'over-use' injury and how they relate to pain. The chronic pain experiences of people close to me--these broke my heart, but also fueled my curiosity.

I decided I wanted to learn to help others to live pain-free, to help others as I had been helped.


I opted to study at Machon Wingate, because I believed that a sports institute would provide a science-based, down-to-earth course of study.

And so, I became a Medical Massage therapist certified by Machon Wingate. I love this work. I continue to learn techniques in massage and manual therapy, and I follow research regarding these topics, neurology, pain science, and more biology—fascinating stuff!

------A little more about me---------

I am happily married, have three adult children, two very happy golden retrievers, and a cat who runs the place. We are members of Moshav Neve Ilan, in the Jerusalem hills.

I am originally from Brooklyn, NY. I have been living in Israel since 1979.


My IDF service was in the Nachal, where I was blessed to join an amazing garin; we are family. When the big hi-tech boom hit Israel in the 90's, I trained as a technical communicator. I have been pounding the keyboard since 1996, and continue to work in tech part-time. I have held many jobs, many in agriculture—my favorite gig in that sector was in the refet (dairy ). I've also tended bar and waitressed, cleaned houses, managed a book and record store, worked as a youth leader in a number of frameworks….


I am blessed.